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“When can I start class?
Since we having rolling admissions, new students USUALLY start our Beginner Meisner Acting Class (Phase 1) or Intermediate Meisner Acting Class (Phase 2) at the beginning of the month. if you wish, however, to start attending these classes IMMEDIATELY, even after the month has begun, you may do, so but pricing will not be prorated. Please read the Ted Bardy Information Packet and take note of the Studio Rules and Guidelines page.”

Some Studio Members, after completing the 3-phase program of study, may choose to continue honing their craft as members of The Advanced Workshop.

The Advanced Workshop, in its role as an ongoing workshop, offers an exhilarating environment in which active and former members of the studio, advanced actors, and working professionals of the highest caliber, can feel safe enough to risk failure and therefore challenge themselves, keep limber, and grow as artists. Associate members of the studio, which include writers, directors, producers, and other industry professionals, can also participate and contribute to workshop activities. With Mr. Bardy’s permission, workshop members and associate members may develop and produce their own projects, plays, one-man/woman shows, television productions, independent films etc.

The detailed role of The Ted Bardy Studio in the development of these projects will be discussed in advance. With Mr. Bardy’s permission, selected workshop members may choose to self-produce a professional showcase of their work. These presentations will be conducted in a showcase theater with an audience that is open to the public including industry professionals. Professional work in productions that grow out of projects developed in the Studio may be available. Our goal is to produce projects and cast them exclusively from the talented, well-trained pool of Ted Bardy studio members.

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