Scene Study Workshops

“When can I start class?”
Since we having rolling admissions, new students USUALLY start our Beginner Meisner Acting Class (Phase 1) or Intermediate Meisner Acting Class (Phase 2) at the beginning of the month. However, if you wish to start attending these classes IMMEDIATELY, even after the month has begun, you may do, so but pricing will not be prorated. Please read the Ted Bardy Information Packet and take note of the Studio Rules and Guidelines page.

The Ted Bardy Studio will be conducting an 8-session scene study workshop. Through a series of exercises created and devised by the late great Sanford Meisner, students will learn to become more uninhibited in their acting, learn how to enliven their acting skills so that they are free to take risks, make bold choices, and to have fun while doing it. This class will apply various aspects of the Meisner Technique in order to explore every angle of a scene and bring it to life. Through a specific script analysis technique, students will learn to breathe physical and emotional life into their characters, and make them uniquely their own. The skills you acquire in this class will be applicable to any work you do, whether it be on stage, or in front of the camera.

Scenes will be provided or, at the Instructor’s discretion, students may work on a scene of their own choosing.

Class dates are TBD

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