Advanced Meisner Acting Class & Workshop (Phase 3)

Evenings Monday & Wednesday

The Professional Acting Class (Phase 3) is the third and final phase of training for actors enrolled in the accelerated 3-phase Meisner Technique Acting Program at The Ted Bardy Acting Studio. Working professionals and actors who have completed their training at other facilities are also considered for admission to the Professional Acting Class (Phase 3) which focuses on application of the Meisner Technique.

Mr. Bardy evaluates all student work and determines if, and when, the student can consider his/her training in the Meisner Program at the Studio completed. With Mr. Bardy’s permission, the student may indicate on resumes, and for the purposes of employment, that they have completed the Meisner Technique Program at The Ted Bardy Studio.

Actors in Phase 3 soon realize why all the exercises from Phase 1 and Phase 2, including the first basic repetition exercise, are so important. Advanced drills and exercises are continued in Phase 3 to keep the actor’s instrument limber.

Application of the Meisner Acting Technique is further explored through work on more challenging advanced scenes utilizing props, costumes, make-up, impediments, dialects, etc. For actors from the Studio’s 3-phase program, a specific method of rehearsal is employed that is rooted in the structured improvisations studied in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Selected advanced scenes, once brought to performance standards, are presented in a theater environment to an audience consisting of peers and other members of the Studio. At the instructor’s discretion, serious preparation for work in the “real world,” including auditioning and on-camera performance, wil begin.

The Phase 3 member will acquire not only a clear and practical Meisner-based audition technique, but also a specific approach to film and TV work (on-camera), script analysis and interpretation, cold readings, and character work.”