What makes our studio the best Meisner Acting Class in NYC?

  • The Ted Bardy Studio offers a unique accelerated 3-phase program in the Meisner technique.
  • We have small, intimate classes allowing for personalized instruction. You will work every class.
  • The multilevel structure gives beginning actors a chance to see where their work will lead; more advanced actors constantly re-enforce the basic foundation skills they have already learned.

Beginner Meisner Classes & Intermediate Meisner Acting Classes

The “Reality of Doing” is the foundation of the Sanford Meisner approach to acting. Our Beginner Acting Classes (Phase 1) start off with the fundamental Meisner Technique exercise called, “The Repetition Exercise.” This fundamental exercise trains actors in the habit of really listening, getting the attention off themselves, leaving themselves vulnerable, and really responding truthfully to the other actor’s behavior. All actors move through these phases at their own pace. On average we see most actors take about 6 months for each phase.

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Advanced Workshop

The Professional Acting Class (Phase 3) is the third and final phase of training for actors enrolled in the accelerated 3-phase Meisner Technique Acting Program at The Ted Bardy Acting Studio. Working professionals and actors who have completed their training at other facilities are also considered for admission to the Professional Acting Class (Phase 3) which focuses on application of the Meisner Technique. After about a year of technique class (Phase 1 & 2) you are encouraged to take the advanced workshop where you can start to apply your technique to scenes and audition material.

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