Meisner Technique Acting Classes-Audit Only

“When can I start class?”
Since we having rolling admissions, new students USUALLY start our Beginner Meisner Acting Class (Phase 1) or Intermediate Meisner Acting Class (Phase 2) at the beginning of the month. if you wish, however, to start attending these classes IMMEDIATELY, even after the month has begun, you may do, so but pricing will not be prorated. Please read the Ted Bardy Information Packet and take note of the Studio Rules and Guidelines page.”

If you wish to join us IMMEDIATELY based upon our International Reputation, even after the month has begun, you may do so, but pricing will not be prorated. If you are unsure please read the information below.

Meisner Acting Technique Introductory Working Audit

If you are seriously interested in learning more about the Ted Bardy Acting Studio and the classes offered, we invite you to come in to observe and participate (at instructor’s discretion) in one of our Tuesday or Thursday adult acting classes at 3:00 PM or 6:45 PM.

This acting class is for beginners, as well as seasoned pros wishing to acquire or continue to explore the Meisner-based acting approach as taught at The Ted Bardy Acting Studio.

To participate in the Introductory Working Audit Class, you are required to arrive on time, stay for the entire class, bring a notebook, and behave in a professional manner. Classes are about three hours long. We very much look forward to meeting with you and helping you on your artistic journey!